Due to the current regulations purchase of products is available only online.

We have delivery service throughout Tbilisi.

  • Delivery fee is 5 GEL, which you pay when purchasing products from the website, during bank payment.
    Delivery service will soon be available in the regions as well.
  • You will receive the products within 24 hours after ordering.


Delivery is free in case of purchase of products worth 100 GEL and more.



When purchasing products online, only cashless payment is available.



You can return the product only if you receive a product that does not match the order placed on the website or it turns out to be damaged and you tell it to the courier at the moment of delivery. In this case, you have the right to request a replacement of the product or order another product within the same amount.

Otherwise, the product will not be returned and / or replaced.



Barbales Marani Ltd protects the buyer’s personal information and does not transfer this information to a third party without the buyer’s consent, except

exceptions provided by law:

  • Information required for the bank transaction to be provided by Barbales Marani Ltd to the Bank, of which the customer has been informed in advance and agrees on this term;